Welcome to RAID – the Recreational Angling Impact Database

The Recreational Angling Impact Database (RAID) is a mark-selective fishery (MSF) database containing estimates of the numbers of salmon released and retained, number of mortalities, and information on coded-wire tags (CWTs) recovered in MSFs. The database currently includes the ability to produce reports on sport fishery impacts, CWTs observed in the fishery samples, and estimates of marked and unmarked double index tag (DIT) mortalities in MSFs. The development and implementation of this database has been a joint effort of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC).

Currently the database has these estimates for Chinook salmon mark-selective fisheries in Puget Sound statistical areas (WDFW Catch Areas 5 through 13) for 2003-2010.

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For access to previous technical reports on Chinook mark-selective fisheries go here.

The following report describes the creel survey methods used to estimate the number of Chinook harvested and released. Peterson & Balzell wdfw01357.pdf

The following report describes the methods used to estimate impacts to CWT and DIT groups in the mark-selective fisheries. ConradMchugh2008_nwfrb_n02.pdf